Terms and Conditions of Use of the SKY24.LV website

1. General Provisions

1.1. The Website is registered by AS Estravel affiliation in Latvia – FTB Latvia (registry code: 40003318736, address: Str. Elizabetes 63, Riga, Latvia, e-mail address:, telephone: +371 9000 1024 (special rate 0.52 EUR/min) (hereinafter referred to as – SKY24.LV).

1.2. By using this website, you confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website, incl. the Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions of Sale set in article 6, and the terms of campaigns organized by SKY24.LV; you accept them and undertake to consider them in full extent.

1.3. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions of Use proves to be invalid or being in contravention to the regulatory acts, the validity of the other terms of use shall remain unaffected.

1.4. Should any of the terms of use be in contradiction with the Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions of Sale established by third parties, the Service Provider’s terms and conditions of sale shall prevail.

2. Definitions

The terms and abbreviations used in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website have the meanings as follow:
Terms and Conditions of Use – the terms and conditions of use of this Website, together with the Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Website – the website at
Client – the user of the Website and/or the travel services.
Activities – use of the Website by the Client.
Service Provider – third party whose services can be viewed and/or purchased on the Website or via the Website.
Order Confirmation – document issued by the Service Provider or SKY24.LV, which confirms that a contract between the Client and the Service Provider has been made, and which gives the right to use a travel service, for instance, an airline ticket, confirmation of travel package from a tour operator, travel insurance policy, etc. Booking confirmation of a travel service, the information or any other type of overview of a content of booking is not considered as the Order Confirmation.

3. SKY24.LV Service

3.1. The service provided by SKY24.LV gives the Clients access to the Website, which allows the Clients to make queries about the Service Providers’ travel services (airline tickets, accommodations, car rental, travel insurance, package holidays, etc.), to check the availability of and to book the travel services, to pay for them, and to receive the Order Confirmations in return. General information concerning the traveling is made available on the Website, too.

3.2. When providing the Clients access to the Service Providers’ travel services via the Website, SKY24.LV, however, is not liable for the way or the quality of travel services provided by the Service Providers, and their correspondence to the pre-contractual information and sales promises given by the Service Provider; meanwhile, the Client has the right to file complaints against the Service Providers via SKY24.LV, who obligates to forward any to the Service Provider.

3.3. Possibility to buy travel services, incl., the terms and conditions, prices and availability due to dependence on the demand and supply of travel service in the data bases in real time, changes constantly.

3.4. As the Client has booked and paid any of the travel services provided by Service Provider using the Website, it is deemed as the Client’s proposal to buy the selected travel service from the Service Provider. The Client’s proposal shall be kept by SKY24.LV in an electronic mode for fourteen (14) days and e-mailed to the Client by SKY24.LV at the Client’s request. If the Service Provider agrees to the Client’s proposal, the Service Provider or SKY24.LV shall e-mail the relevant confirmation to the Client. The contract between the Client and the Service Provider in respect of the relevant travel services is deemed to be in force as of the moment the Service Provider agrees to the Client’s proposal and the Client has received it.

3.5. Provided that the Service Provider fails to agree to the Client’s proposal, the contract remains not made and SKY24.LV shall refund the payment made by the Client. The money shall be transferred to the Client on the next business day after the purchase is made.

4. Use of the Website

4.1. The travel services may only be booked and the orders for travel services be placed via the Website by adults of at least the age of 18 with full active legal capacity or their representatives (in case of legal entities). Provided that a person which fails to comply with the said requirements books a travel service or places an order for a travel service, a person whose bank account or credit card has been used to pay for said Activity shall bear all responsibility for the arising consequences.

4.2. The Client shall perform the Activities pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Use and considering the user instructions provided on the Website. When performing the Activities, the Client shall carefully check the details of an order given during the Activity and shall bear all responsibility for correctness of the presented data; moreover he/she undertakes all potential risk of losses that would arise of his/her own mistake. The Website displays all the details entered by the Client before booking a travel service or making an order in respect to the travel service using the Website that allows identifying all potential entry mistakes and to eliminate them.

4.3. SKY24.LV has the right not to execute the Client’s order if the Client has failed to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use or the instructions specified on the Website, has failed to pay for the booking or the funds on the Client’s credit card are insufficient to pay for the particular order and the service charge of SKY24.LV in full extent.

4.4. SKY24.LV shall send the Order Confirmation to the e-mail address specified by the Client. The Client should immediately inform SKY24.LV if the Order Confirmation has failed to come to the said e-mail address within a period of 24 (twenty-four) hours after the travel service has been paid.

4.5. The Client shall immediately inform SKY24.LV on any errors, contradictions or faults that impedes the use of the Website.

4.6. The Client shall immediately check the first name and surname, itinerary, dates and other important data immediately after receipt of the Order Confirmation and shall make sure that data is correct and corresponds to both, the booking and entered details. It is important to check that the Client’s name given in the booking and the Order Confirmation matches the one in the Client’s travel document. SKY24.LV shall eliminate all technical errors caused by SKY24.LV or a Service Provider while issuing the documents. Later elimination of errors, amendments to the data or annulment is not possible or may be performed for additional charge.

4.7. When using the Website, the Client shall:
4.7.1. guarantee that all information submitted by him/her when using the Website is correct;
4.7.2. not forward any illegal or otherwise prohibited information via the Website;
4.7.3. not use the Website for speculative or incorrect Activities or fraud;
4.7.4. not send files, which contain viruses and other computer programmes or files that could disturb, damage or otherwise impede the normal use of the Website and which could be saved in other Clients’ computers as a result of use of the Website and/or disturb, damage or otherwise impede the normal functioning of computers using the Website;
4.7.5. not change, copy, forward, sell or reproduce or use the Website or its content in any other prohibited manner.

5. Information Displayed on the Website

5.1. The general travel information about passports, visas, vaccination requirements, etc. displayed on the Website represents the general information and may change time to time. The Client shall personally check the topicality of this information by contacting Service Provider, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Tourist Information Office or other agencies and shall bear responsibility for understanding and compliance with the established requirements. The citizens of the Republic of Latvia can obtain further information in the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at The requirements in respect of citizens of other countries may differ.

5.2. The Service Provider assumes that the Client or the person which uses the travel service, incl. the children, have the required travel documents (passport/ID card, visa and vaccination certificate) allowing them to enter the country of destination, as well as all transit countries. The Clients should keep in mind that every country decides at its own discretion whether or not allowing a person to enter the country, even though a person has all required travel documents.

5.3. SKY24.LV makes every effort at its competence to guarantee that the information about the terms and conditions of sale of the Service Providers (including, but not limited to, the prices of travel services and the descriptions of travel services or dates) displayed on the Website is correct and complete. SKY24.LV guarantees that the information displayed on the Website corresponds to the one provided by the Service Provider to SKY24.LV, however, fails to guarantee that the information is correct. SKY24.LV makes every effort to eliminate any errors or incompleteness as soon as detected.

6. Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Service Provider

6.1. The Service Provider applies the Terms and Conditions of the Service Provider, incl., the terms and conditions of the use of the airline tickets, the holiday travel packages, and the terms and conditions of the accommodations services in addition to the terms of use, when selling a travel service. The Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions of Sale may contain provisions that concern payment terms, liability, cancellation and amendment to the bookings/contracts, reimbursement and restrictions.

6.2. The Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Service Provider are available here.

6.3. The Client shall continuously and independently check and comply with the terms and conditions established by the Service Provider. If the terms and conditions of the Service Provider not be observed, the consequences can be cancellation of an order or incurring additional costs to the Client necessary to continue the travelling, for instance.

6.4. If the Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Service Provider allow the client to cancel or change the booked or bought travel service, the Client should inform the Service Provider thereof in accordance with the requirements established the Service Provider as the Client exercises this right. The Service Provider can be informed via SKY24.LV unless it contradicts the requirements established by the corresponding Service Provider.

7. Travel Insurance

7.1. We recommend the Client to enter into the travel insurance contract when buying a travel service. The travel insurance guarantees assistance and indemnity in case of unexpected interruption or cancellation of travel, loss of baggage, health condition and/or accidents with the Client or the Client’s first grade relative, for instance.

8. Payment Provisions and the Service Charges to SKY24.LV

8.1. The Client shall pay full price of the travel service when booking the corresponding one via the Website. The Client shall pay the travel service price through an internet bank or by credit card to SKY24.LV, which forwards the fee paid by the Client to the Service Provider.

8.2. The Client shall follow the instructions displayed on the Website when paying for the booked travel service.

8.3. SKY24.LV and the Service Providers are not obliged to issue the Order Confirmations, vouchers or other documents to the Client before the price of the booked travel service is paid in full extent. At the same time, the Client shall pay the agreed price for a travel service in case the Order Confirmation is issued before the price for a travel service is paid in full.

8.4. The Activities that are the subject to the service charge, as well as the amount of the service charge are specified in the SKY24.LV price list, which can be viewed here. The amount of the service charge payable for an Activity and the payment method are displayed on the Website in a separate row before the relevant Activity (e.g. the Service Provider’s travel service) is performed. Cancellation of a booking, cancellation of purchase of a Service Provider’s travel service, or partial or complete leaving a travel service not used does not constitute the grounds to refund the service charge.

9. Submitting Complaints

9.1. If the Client believes that the travel service fails to correspond to the terms and conditions set by the Service Provider, the Client must immediately and directly notify the Service Provider on it. Should the solution be not found, in order to provide an operational solution, the Client shall as soon as possible (recommended in (7) seven days after the last day of the service and in (14) fourteen after obtaining the information about the event) however, at the latest in the term specified under the Consumer Rights Protection Law, submit the complaint in writing or using the site for the procedure of online dispute resolution. The written complaint should be filed against the Service Provider, by sending it directly to the Service Provider’s mail or e-mail address, or to the mail or e-mail address of SKY24.LV. The proof that the travel service fails to comply with and documents evidencing on the additional costs and damages incurred must be enclosed to the complaint, too. Should the complaint be not submitted in the specified time period, it shall be deemed as expired.

9.2. If the Client’s travel service has been cancelled, delayed or the Client has been denied boarding, the passenger’s rights are set under the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights.

10. Confidentiality and Privacy

10.1. SKY24.LV shall not disclose the Client’s personal data that have become known to it when the Client has been using the Website, unless with the Client’s consent or in other cases specified under the regulatory acts.

10.2. The Client confirms and understands that use of the Website and performance of the Activities requires the communication of the Client’s personal data to third parties in Latvia and abroad. If the Client performs Activities that require the communication of the Client’s data (including but not limited to the personal identification code or details of means of payment) to third parties (the Service Providers or other cooperation partners of SKY24.LV who are engaged in provision of specific travel services or make it possible to pay for the travel services or issue relevant documents, for instance), the Client agrees with the communication of its personal data in order to obtain the requested travel service.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. SKY24.LV has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of Use unilaterally and without a prior notice. Any amendments to the Terms and Conditions of Use come into force on the publishing day on the Website, unless stated otherwise.

11.2. The regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia regulate the legal relations between the Client and SKY24.LV. Litigation is subject of proceedings under the regulatory acts and legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.

11.3. Regulatory acts of the Service Provider’s country regulate the legal relations between the Client and the Service Provider and the international regulatory acts in case of the transnational travel service.

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