Lētas aviobiļetes: Dubaija

City: Dubai
Population: 2,106,177
Country: United Arab Emirates
Religion: islam
Language: Arabic, also in use are English, Persian, Hindi and Urdu 
Climate: hot desert climate
Currency: UAW dirham (AED)
Electricity: 220V, UK three-prongplug
Visa: required for Estonian citizens

Dubai islocated on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country – United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the main resorts and one of the most importantemirate in the country.  It has the largest population in the United Arab Emirates and has the second-largest land territory after the capital, Abu Dhabi. As of the year2011, in Dubai is 63 skyscrapers, which are higher than 200 m,17 of them are even higer than 300 m. In 2010 the skyscraper Burj Khalīfah was completed and with its 828 meters, it is the highest building in Dubai and also the world's highest building ever.

In the United Arab Emirates the sun shines 350 days a year, and the sea water does not fall below the 22Co. In addition, the three largest artificial islands in the world are located just off the coast of Dubai. The islands are shaped like a palm leaf, which stem is connected to the mainland. Of the three islands is currently opend only one, which is connected to the mainland by a freeway bridge. On the island are sporting marinas, luxury resorts, and upscale shopping areas.

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Aviobiļetes Viļņa-Dubaija
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Aviobiļetes Rīga-Dubaija
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Aviobiļetes Tallina-Dubaija
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Aviobiļetes Helsinki-Dubaija
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Aviobiļetes Londona-Dubaija
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